The OxIRC Filk

What is the OxIRC FP?
The Oxford Internet Relay Chat Filk Project: a brainwave of Lucy's. Be scared.
What's OxIRC?
Go here.
What's filk?
Go here.
The combination of these two indicates that this is a project for the creation of really, really silly songs about OxIRC and its regulars, and anything they are interested in. The first such song, written before the official inception of the Project, is by Raptor, and can be seen here.

The project has been dormant for some months - hopefull fresh blood will spring up to fill the filking ranks shortly.


This is the third revamp of the project. The links listed below are roughly in order of receipt of song, newest last. Newest song added 5/11/01.

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page geek
gubbins trivia
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filk project art @ pendragon

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