TTTO 'Bye Bye Love' - Everly Brothers, covered by Simon and Garfunkel.

Bye Bye Fun - by Lucy


Bye bye fun
Bye bye irc
Hello worky-me
I'm gonna have to try
Bye bye fun
Bye bye slash-me
Hello Greek, you see;
I think the end is nigh -
Bye bye real life good bye.
There goes my degree
If I don't work;
If I don't make it
I'll feel a jerk;
I would miss Oxford
If I should fail
And I'd be upset,
I'd weep and wail.


I'm through with oxnet
I'm through with pine
I'm through with pounding
Ermine's prompt line
And here's the reason
That I'm so free
My wretched work-load's
On top of me.


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