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Welcome to a very random corner of cyberspace - the bit I've barricaded off for myself.

You may not even know who I am.

I'm Lucy Kennedy. Here's my picture. I'm a student. I am a member of New College, Oxford University. I am studying Theology and have recently temporarily attended Heythrop College, University of London. I am indeed originally a Londoner, residing with my family in Wimbledon. I was formerly a pupil of Surbiton High School, and retain friendly contact with numerous old Surbiton friends. I did English, French and RS A-levels.

What else about me, then? Perhaps a list of all the groups and activities I've been involved in at Oxford may give some idea of the range of my interests - so here goes: theScottish Dance Society; OAV, the anime society; CLOTS; IMsoc - the Indie Music Society; New College Orchestra, Choir (the Wykeham Singers) and Christian Union, not to mention NCBC; LGBsoc; The Alligator (New College gossip sheet editorial). Then there's all the other things I do; I write bizarre webpages; I draw, paint, sew, and do other miscellaneous craft work; I cook, occasionally; I eat PCHNs; I read oxnet, chat on OxIRC and surf the web wildly - I particularly enjoy other people's webjournals (TINAWJ); I'm generally very slightly techy and may yet develop into a full-blown geekette (term © J. McKnight), given time and careful nurture. Hmm. Too much 'I'. But then, this is the 'personal' section of the site - so you asked for it. I feel better now.

Hmm. In general rambling about myself, music should probably be slightly more prominent. Sooner or later I will have webbed some MIDI files of the least dreadful of my numerous bad compositions, about two of which have been performed (at school concerts, I hasten to add). Other than composition, I play the flute, guitar, recorder and piano, as Nell who lived opposite me in New College New Buildings last year would probably tell you gloomily. I sing alto badly on occasion; I also have an interest in more exotic musical instruments - hence I own a Chinese flute (a dzi, I think), a cithare (large French monastic/liturgical zither), bamboo zummara (double reed pipe from Israel, very makeshift), a cimbala (small zither, Polish, as far as I know), and various percussion whatsits. One of these days I'll do music a section all its own (and won't it be grateful? erm... oh. Hmm.).

Anyhow, enough rambling. Sorry. Here's what you wanted - all the other stuff in this section. Most of which doesn;t exist yet.

- The main Links page - everything, everywhere, is here. Nearly. Or will be, anyway. Sometime.
- The Photos page - Random stuff, mostly me.
- My Ramblings - my news and a sort-of weblog.
- My long-awaited Plans Page - here's what's happening.

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