Welcome! Lucy Kennedy's Home

Finally, I may be getting this page sorted out and regularly updated - I hope. Hi, I'm Lucy Kennedy. You can find out more about me on my personal pages, linked below. You can email me at lucy at photonhunter dot co dot uk.

Here right now:
personal page  : My stuff. About me; photos and links to be added soon.

geek gubbins  : needs expanding.

trivia  : Ramblings and madness.

anime pages  : Pages on Sailor Moon exist - Utena and Read Or Die are in the works.

oxirc filk project  : The OxIRCFP - enjoy!

art @ pendragon  : Art-work of all kinds, hosted at pendragon.

To come when I feel like it: pages on languages; theology; music; bisexuality, and more. 

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All images, text, content, are copyright Lucy Kennedy, unless otherwise stated. You are welcome to contact me if there is something you wish to use elsewhere. Whether or not you actually get permission depends on circumstances. I can be emailed on lucy at photonhunter dot co dot uk.