Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
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Thoughts after 11 episodes.

Mild spoilers, particularly if you've never seen any of the series at all.

Well, in true OtakuWars style, I am addressing the immortal subject of 'which senshi is best?' Of course, at this point, only three of them have shown up, and my view point (I'd better make this clear) is that of someone who knows a heck of a lot about the whole series, but hasn't seen anything other than episodes 1-11 of Classic, and the first episode of Stars. For reference, I'm watching Studio Chikashitsu fansubs in RM format, and don't ask if you can get them off me, there are plenty of places that will do that if you know where to look.

Anyway, so far, so good. New characters are being introduced at just the right rate to stop the continual Monster-of-the-day battles getting too repetitive, since the interactions between the senshi are changing all the time. Episode 11 is the 'Dreamland' episode, and senshi-so-far are Usagi (Serena), the klutzy one; Ami (Amy), the smart one; and Rei (Raye), the bitchy one. We have yet to meet Makoto (Lita) and Minako (Mina).

On current showing, I'm going to have to start a new faction. You see, this is how it looks to me. Usagi is just like I would be if I were told I was a magical superheroine with a mission to fight evil; going 'Wow, cool!' when given the cool items and costumes, and 'Help! Helphelphelp!' when confronted with big scary monsters. However, despite this, it was starting to grate by about episode 6 when she couldn't do a thing without Tuxedo Kamen bailing her out. It's improving as her fellow senshi appear, though - they need him less. The fountains of tears kind of annoy me too. I hope she gets more confident later on.

Ami has yet to make much of an impression on me; yes, she's smart and kind - what else? *shrug* As for Rei... well, she's cool. No denying that. But heck, what a temper! The bickering between her and Usagi is getting on my nerves. And she's the one telling Usagi to act more like a Sailor Senshi (end of ep 11)! She should take her own advice... *sweatdrops*

Anyhow, at the moment, my favourite character is Luna. (No surprises there for those who visit!) She keeps the girls in order, works hard, is cute and endearing and clever, and... ok, I may be starting the Luna-chanian faction! ^_-

Then again, I'm only at ep 11, and hopefully the characters will fill out a bit more - and new ones appear. I really have to wait till later seasons to pick my favourite senshi - I have a feeling Haruka *swoon* may come into this somewhere...

More soon, minna!


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