Ah, the wonderful world of geekdom. :)

I didn't get into geekishness really until I had my own computer, from the start of Hilary term 2000 (January, for the non-Ox amongst you :)) It was then, from the comfort of my desk, I discovered a whole new world opened to me by my iMac; newsgroups, Oxnet, sable, irc...

Here are some of the fruits of my evolving Inner Geekette:

  • The Meaning of 'Geek', courtesy of The Jargon Lexicon.
  • A few choice gems of geeky humour - coming soon!
  • My lovely, wonderful, geeky friends
  • The OxIRC Filk Project, most of the contents of which are very geeky indeed.
  • A page of useful, entertaining and informative geeky links


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