Congratulations, my loony friends, you have reached the CLOTS BATHTUB page.

'CLOTS? BATHTUB?' You may be wondering, querying, sighing in bewilderment, gasping, nay, swooning in bemazement! Wonder no longer, my little squelchy ones, for all shall be revealed.

a BATHTUB, containing one PRESIDENT
and one OTHER CLOT.

As you can see, my darling brussels-sprouts, the above is a bathtub. In it, sailing merrily along one of our renowned waterways on a bright spring morning, are one PRESIDENT and one OTHER CLOT. Out of sight, a little way along the bank, stand more CLOTs, saluting bravely as their leaders bob onwards. A flypast of the CLOTS air force zooms overhead, each plane fluttering its paper wings in the breeze. The remainder of the CLOTS marine forces floats behind the commanders, each rubber duck presenting its most squeaky and adorable front to the world.

A gala day indeed for CLOTS! you cry, and indeed we do cry, for this utopian scene has not yet occured. No, sadly, our plans are as yet in their infancy. This page has been created in order to allow my fellow CLOTS to present their ideas and plans for the completion of this long-held dream.

So, my mumblesome fungi, do visit the CLOTS home page and do email me your ideas and plans, should you hold a position in CLOTS. Should you wish to join CLOTS, such a desire will almost certainly qualify you for membership, and you are therefore advised to email the PRESIDENT, our esteemed leader, whose name and contact details can be found on the aforementioned home page.

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