Welcome to a very small cosplay page.

This is not a cosplay page like others you have seen on the web. It does not have cool photos of cool outfits - yet. This is the planning for an outfit I intend to make.

I have been into anime for a year or 18 months now. I have finally got my hands on Sailormoon fansubs and am eagerly watching. Recently I got to the Black Moon arc of Sailormoon R, and leapt with joy when I saw Calaveras, one of the villains. You see, for ages I've been searching for a Saillormoon character with long/mid-length brown hair and no fringe, so that I could cosplay without a wig. My first costume, which I am in the process of amending, was Sailor V, and you can guess what an enormous wig I had to get hold of for that! When I have pics, they'll go up.

So, I plan to cosplay sometime as Calaveras/Karaberasu, known as Avery in the American dub version. This page contains pictures of this character as a costume reference, both as a convenience for me and to solicit ideas from fellow cosplayers on construction, etc.

The pictures have come from a variety of websites, not all of which I can remember. One or two were obviously somebody's edited pictures, and these I have edited again so that they are very little use for anything except a costume reference (eg. just a torso). If you see a picture on my page you believe you have rights to, email me and I will remove it - address is at the bottom of the page. Sailor Moon, and all characters, likenesses, names and titles connected with it, are the copyright of Naoko Takeuchi, Bandai, Kodansha, DiC, and a host of other companies.

These are links to pictures I will be using as costume reference. There will be more to come as I gather screenshots from the anime. My major dilemma, as you will see if you compare the first and last pictures, is whether to do the manga or the anime costume.The anime costume, being quite 'flat-looking', might be easier - but the manga costume is more interesting, being shiny and textured. It just might mean making some sort of corset though...




I've been trying to work out how to make this outfit. What follows is an edited version of some emails I sent to the COSP mailing list. I have removed other members' comments because I don't have permission to publish them. Some people have been very helpful, though, especially AccessChan - arigato!

I'm in kind of a dilemma, because, well, the anime version, even the version on merchandise or anime book pictures rather than screencaps, is very flat-looking; the top is just plain yellow with lines and red dots down the centre. In the manga version,
however, the top is definitely shiny gold, and is more heavily lined and textured. I'm not sure which to go for. I prefer the look of the manga outfit, but making it in gold
restricts my used of bought clothes as a base, and all-over gold lame could be a bit overpowering.

AccessChan suggests making a corset-type top. This scares me a lot, because I don't have that much confidence in my sewing skills. I was thinking along the lines of buying a yellow lycra vest top and a strapless bra, and simply sewing them into submission and adding the details. Actually following a corset pattern, though, would make it look a whole lot better - and I know it isn't impossible, because one of my housemates made one last year, for live-action roleplay. I'll see what help she feels inclined to give me ;)

For once, the skirt looks fairly easy. It is basically gathered, although doing a few pleated bits would be a good idea. I think I will use stiff red net under red gauze material, with possibly a layer of opaque red cotton in there too somewhere. The manga version looks quite transparent. I can just sew this to wide elastic and add a couple of hooks and eyes or press-studs in the back to get into it easily. Hemming it will be hell by hand, but I'll live. It's not as though I have a deadline yet. :)

Next, though, the boots. You can only see these on the manga picture up there, but they are fairly similar in the anime. They are done in strips, almost like bandage. They could probably be made by winding an appropriately stretchy fabric over a base boot or shoe. I think I will be scouting charity shops for low-heeled shoes in my size so I don't ruin my black party heels. I'll do them as boot covers, probably with elastic underneath to hold them together.

Then the jewellery. The wrist wrap and the cuff-bracelet don't look too bad. The neck-piece will be a combination of fabric and a gold brooch bit - I can make that with modelling clay or some plastic or polystyrene bits. The earrings are the tricky bit. I could probably buy appropriate pendant beads in black iridescent plastic, but the double black moon holders for the jewels are another matter. I'll have to keep looking out for ideas.

If any of you have ideas, comments or suggestions, they are very welcome. I can be emailed on lucy at photonhunter dot co dot uk.

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