Hi there. This is where I ramble.

Hello again. Updates here do seem to be a little sporadic, don't they? Well, I've got a couple of new pages up, as the index page shows, and I have caught some broken links. I have been working on my real big links page, but it's a long job.

I got the job mentioned below, and worked there for three weeks rather than one, which was nice in a way, although the work was a little dull. Brook Street was the agency through which I got the job. I found them very helpful at the start, when I was obtaining the job and beginning work; after I'd finished, however, and needed payment, they were less hepful. I am still owed my tax back, and have very little idea how to claim it. This is annoying, but not an insoluble problem.

Anyhow, my current concerns are far more theological. I am studying Post-Exilic Israel this term, with Dr. Day of LMH, who is very good indeed - and I'm not just saying that. He's qute demanding, wanting 20-minute essays (that's over 3000 words for me), but the discussion after I've finished reading out loud is very helpful, and I always feel I can ask questions. I must, however, get out of the habit of doing my essays overnight. I need more sleep.

My former college tutor Rob Harnish has left for the Channel Islands; I don't have his address at the moment, which is distressing as I have a pair of his cuflinks to return, along with a small leaving gift. Ah well, I shall just have to ask around the chapel. In his place, however, we have Jane Shaw, formerly of Regents' Park College. She's great - very easy to talk to, and very determined (she has my full college record, ofcourse) that I will not be slacking off this term. I go to see her every week after my tutorial with Dr Day, and so far it's working pretty well.

Right, well, it's late, so bed calls me. I'll attempt to update more often round here, the cobwebs are beginning to annoy me. Oh yes, let me plug Silent Angel while I'm here. She makes gorgeous KiSS dolls, and has a lovely site. Visit!

Hmm, right, I've left this alone for a long time. Sorry; I haven't had very good internet access for a while, and so it's been hard to update things. Anyway, there's lots to tell you about.

Last time I wrote, I was in Oxford studying for my Greek retake. I passed! So now I'm in Oxford again, living in .kitten (house name :) and preparing, at long last, for the second year of my course. I'm really looking forward to it.

Right now, though, I'm preparing for a job. I have a month before term starts and really need to earn some cash in that time. I found it quite hard to track down a job - most agencies didn't want someone only available for a month. Howeer, I've finally got a job - only for one week, but it's a start. It's an office thing - data validation using Excel and Access. I have to go and finish my laundry, so I'd better sign off now.

Jaa, minna-san!

I'm back in Oxford now, working away, living in a room with no ethernet connection. I dunno, do you want my news? There isn't much. I am spending much of my spare time with a certain Mr. Courouble and the rest trying to catch up with college and other friends. If you feel you haven't seen me in ages, email or phone me; I've probably just not got round to calling you myself.

As you can see, the promised pretty new web site is here, although still mildly unfinished in a number of places. I had some trouble copying all my unpublished web files across to other computers before my iMac moved house - that's what caused the delay.

I might as well add another link to my pendragon Art Page, since it has only one ickle link from /pers/index.html :) It's here.

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