TTTO Clementine

I'm Addicted - by wol

I'm addicted, I'm addicted
I'm addicted to IRC
Can not leave it, Not one minute
I'm addicted to IRC

1. Start on keble, as a newbie
Found my feet now, you can see
FAQ was very useful
And the people, all friendly.

2. In the evening, through the night
'sleep or working I should be
'cept in my room, on a 'puter
I am sat on IRC.

3. In the evenings, not just spodding
Sat in a pub, we could be
Need some food, so in the RA
Sat discussing IRC!

4. I can trout and can shovel
I can't think without slash me
Use a bot to comfort people
I am living IRC.

5. To the RA, need some food
chocolate fudge cake, calling me
In the garden, taking over
that pea fight's IRC.

6. In the night, if I wake
There's no guess where I will be
On a server, like on marvin
I am dreaming IRC.

7. Now's the vac, eek at that
where on earth, should I be?
Run the phone bill, through the roof
Living, breathing IRC.

8. Been to dot nott, well who's not?
It was end of term you see
It was there or home to parents
I just needed IRC.

9. All the night, I'm awake
spod or wibbling, I will be
On this channel, called hash keble
I am sat on IRC.

10. Talked on keble, sung on Oxford
now I'm filking, as you see,
Even had a private channel
Now I know I'm IRC.

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