28/2/00 - rev. 6/3/01
Apologies if you're wildly offended by this. It was a 6am no-sleep 'I feel really silly' thing. Do take this with about a packet of salt. I can't help but laugh at some of the #foad madness and this, my dear friends, is the result. This filk has actually been in existence and available on the site for some time - I just hadn't dared to link it before. :)

DISCLAIMER: The voice here (the 'I' of the song) is an IRC-Everyman character, not any one individual. Any resemblance to persons living, dead, or half-chargrilled over a bonfire fueled with [*LOUD COUGH*]'s flames, is purely coincidental (and if you believe that, mate...)

Pronounce 'foad' to rhyme with 'toad'.

TTTO 'And So It Goes' by Billy Joel

'And That's Hash-Foad' - by Lucy

On IRC there is a room
A sanctuary quiet and calm,
For those who can't bear newbies crass
to keep their egos safe from harm.

I entered it with cautious step
I was rebuffed with sharp abuse
I merely wished to talk to Kate
And now I've just been called obtuse!

And so switch on flamethrower mode
It seems that's what you need in there
And that's hash-foad; yes, that's hash-foad
Where ranty people all unload.
So if the silence frightens you
on hash-linc, -party, -love or -test,
Then come to hash-foad, never dull,
Where tact is oft allowed to rest.
And so whip out that cattle goad
and prod the inmates to extremes
Oh, that's hash-foad; yes, that's hash-foad
Where naught but bile has ever flowed.
So I would choose to steer well clear
And pick a safer, calmer road;
though I may gaze, and laugh, and learn
I think I'll stay out of hash-foad.
And that's hash-foad, and that's hash-foad,
and this the ending of my ode.

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