Well, here we are - first proper full-length filk. This one's by Janet.

To the tune of Monty Python's "Lumberjack Song".

I'm on IRC and it's okay,
I type all night and I sleep all day

(She's on IRC and it's okay,
She types all night and she sleeps all day)

I talk to geeks, I make up trouts,
get no work done at all;
some days I buy a ticket
and go to Keble Hall.

(She talks to geeks... etc.)


I talk to geeks, I *hug* and <grin>,
I splurge and wibble too,
with random folks from Keble,
from Lincoln and from New.


I talk to geeks on IRC
you'll always find me there
I might just fail my finals
but I no longer care...

(She talks to geeks on IRC,
you'll always find her there,
she might just fail her finals...?
no longer care? shocking, disgraceful, etc...)

Janet McKnight - 23/2/00

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