I'm not sure how I can quite do justice to Oxford. It's such an important part of my life, though, that I felt it needed representation on these pages. I can give you all the links - the University, the bus timetables, the council, and so on - but nothing replaces the actual experience of it.

When I was applying to universities to read theology, I found that one couldn't apply to both Oxford and Cambridge in the same year. If I wanted to try for Oxbridge at all, I had to pick one or the other. So, I dutifully went off to an open day at Cambridge. I listened to some eminent theologians lecturing, talked to a few people, read prospecti and the like, browsed in Waterstone's. It was all very nice. Then, I arranged to visit Oxford with a friend whose boyfriend was studying at New College. Mark and Sarah took me punting on the Cherwell, walked me round dozens of colleges covered in wisteria, showed me lanes and side-streets, cloisters and towers, mango sorbet at G&D's cafe on Little Clarendon Street; and that was it. Having seen nothing remotely academic of the place, I fell in love and knew it had to be Oxford. I made it in, and was overjoyed.

It's not easy to describe why I like it so much - it's just Oxford. There's something about the light, particularly in the summer - and all the gorgeous old buildings - the Radcliffe Camera - Magdalen Bridge - New College cloisters. It's very home-ish. I'm even fond of the Cowley Road; bustling and lively - the road up to Marston, especially in the evenings - the cycle path by Parson's Pleasure. The Turf Tavern. It's just lovely :)

More to come, this is but a space-filler.

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